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Forest owner Michael Kjellberg: “My forest goals have changed”

Michael Kjellberg , together with Skogssällskapet forest manager, Oskar Mårtensson. Photo: Julia Sjöberg.

Michael Kjellberg , together with Skogssällskapet forest manager, Oskar Mårtensson. Photo: Julia Sjöberg.

Informed and impartial advice has enabled Michael Kjellberg to increase both financial and other values in his forest.

“Our management is based on the forest owner’s goals, and makes these goals more tangible. We want to show the complete potential of the property, look at the whole picture, and develop existing values on the property,” says Oskar Mårtensson, Skogssällskapet.

From financial investment to a passion for the forest

Michael Kjellberg, who lives and runs a company in Gothenburg, bought his forest property outside Borås at the end of the 1990s. It was the investment in property that attracted him more than investing in stocks. Right from the start, he chose Skogssällskapet as a full-service manager for his forest.

“At first, I saw the forest purely as a financial investment, but over time I’ve learned more about forest, and my goals have changed. Even though it has been a good investment in financial terms, I’ve become more and more interested in the forest’s natural and environmental values,” says Michael Kjellberg.

After proposals from the forest managers, Michael Kjellberg has implemented several measures on his properties. The first involved building a forest road, which has improved accessibility in the hilly terrain and reduced the risk of ground damage during harvest.

“Building the road was expensive, but it’s paid for itself and increased the value of the property,” says Michael Kjellberg.

More attractive and brighter forest close to farm buildings

Birch has been planted around the buildings to make the immediate surroundings brighter and more attractive, and this year valuable hardwood forest will be planted after a felling to increase biodiversity.

“I’m becoming more and more sceptical about spruce as a monoculture. Spruce has its place, but it’s not suitable everywhere, and I want to try other species on parts of the property,” explains Michael Kjellberg.

There are also plans to create a pond, as Borås municipality has identified an area that is favourable for reptiles.

“Skogssällskapet is a pure service organisation, with no ties to industry. I appreciate that my forest manager takes a genuine interest in my forest, comes with good proposals, and considers more values than just short-term financial values,” concludes Michael Kjellberg.