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SEK 15 million to forest research on climate, wild boar, and conservation

Forest. Photo: Foap

Photo: Foap

Skogssällskapet can now announce which of the projects from this year’s applications for research funding will share SEK 15 million. The 14 projects cover many different fields of research, and will generate new knowledge on subjects such as climate-efficient forest management, the impact of wild boar on forests, and mycorrhiza.

“Skogssällskapet aims to bring added value to Sweden’s forests. We help to generate knowledge about all the forest values by supporting research and through our extensive experience from both our own and our clients’ forests,” explains Karin Fällman Lillqvist, Sustainability Manager at Skogssällskapet.

Lund University has been awarded a grant of SEK 1.6 million for a project that will compare the carbon balance in continuous-cover and clear-cut forestry in Swedish and Finnish forests. This is a collaborative project with LUKE, Natural Resources Institute Finland.

“This is an exciting project that can generate important new knowledge about issues that commonly feature in the public debate, such as how the Swedish and Finnish forest can maximise climate benefit,” says Karin Fällman Lillqvist.

The central research body for the Swedish forestry sector, Skogforsk, is also awarded funding for a project examining climate-efficient forest management, where the entire life cycle of the trees, including forest products, will be studied.

“With this project, we hope to be able to give practical guidance to large and small forest owners about forest management, and show how this is connected to the total climate benefit over time,” explains Karin Ågren, researcher at Skogforsk and main applicant for the project.

The impact of wild boar on agriculture is already well known, but knowledge is lacking about the effect of the animals on production forest. Uppsala University has been awarded SEK 1.6 million to examine the issue in a research project. In addition, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences has been awarded a grant to examine the importance of retention areas for the survival of soil fungi.

“What happens beneath the ground is crucial for growth, climate benefit, and biodiversity in the forest. This is an important project that will generate new knowledge about mycorrhiza fungi in production forest,” says Karin Fällman Lillqvist.

Skogssällskapet’s call for proposals this year invited applications from collaboration projects involving different research institutes, which is reflected in the projects awarded grants. Nine of the 14 projects awarded funding are collaboration projects between research institutes in Sweden, or between institutes in Sweden and Finland.

“By encouraging collaboration between different research institutes, we’re creating even more opportunities for new and important insights that can promote more sustainable forest management,” says Karin Fällman Lillqvist.

Other projects awarded funding from Skogssällskapet

  • The Natural Resources Institute Finland, LUKE, receives a grant for a project on wood-inhabiting fungi above ground. A method will be tested to reintroduce threatened wood-inhabiting fungi in Finland and Sweden by growing the fungi in a laboratory environment and then transplanting them to the forest.
  • Skogforsk receives grants for two projects on regeneration planting, one focusing on remote sensing as a forecasting tool and the other on the use of drones in cultural conservation.
  • Skogforsk also receives a grant for long-term experiments on site preparation.
  • On the Skogssällskapet website (in Swedish), you can find details of all the 14 projects awarded funding

About Skogssällskapet’s call for proposals

In autumn 2021, Skogssällskapet, together with associated foundations, announced research funding totalling SEK 20 million. In addition to the SEK 15 million that Skogssällskapet is now allocating, a further SEK 1 million will be awarded to initiatives in forest management and conservation. The three associated foundations will be announcing their grants separately.

For more information, please contact:

Karin Fällman Lillqvist, Sustainability Manager at Skogssällskapet, +468-789 89 62, karin.fallman@skogssallskapet.se

Ulrika Lagerlöf, Communications Manager at Skogssällskapet, +4618-50 05 02, ulrika.lagerlof@skogssallskapet.se