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Our own forests

The business area Our Own Forests is responsible for all the forest properties that Skogssällskapet owns in Sweden, Finland and Latvia.

Skogssällskapet currently owns approximately 28,500 hectares of production forest in Sweden, with a geographical distribution from from Sjöbo in Skåne in the south of the country, to Sorsele in Västerbotten in the north. Skogssällskapet also owns approximately 13,000 hectares in Latvia and 2 800 hectares in Finland.

The holdings are certified according to FSC and PEFC, and the forest is managed by Skogssällskapet.

The mission of the business area is to manage and develop our forest holdings in all countries in which Skogssällskapet operates – Sweden, Finland and Latvia. The land holdings are to be managed and developed in terms of forest production, nature conservation, research, experiments, tenures and land parcels, and management includes proposing changes in the property portfolio.

Why do we own our own forest?

The Skogssällskapet foundation owns productive forest for several reasons. It is important from a financial perspective, because it generates resources for the foundation’s activities in increasing public awareness and in funding research. It is also an important resource for business development in the group. Our service Forest Strategy, in which a long-term felling plan is produced using a Heureka analysis, is one example of business development that has developed directly from owning our own forests.

Skogssällskapet forests are also used for internal training for our own employees, but also for developing external knowledge and methods in line with the foundation’s purpose – sustainable management of forest and land. On our properties, we have around thirty experimental plots in place, used for testing and developing new forestry methods.

At the same time, our forests are important for increasing and disseminating knowledge, and raising public awareness of matters relating to forest, forestry and nature conservation.

In compliance with the Right of Public Access, Skogssällskapet wants to attract visitors to its own forest properties.

Objectives for our own forests

Extensive strategy work has gone into every single property. This has led to the following overarching objectives.

  • Skogssällskapet’s properties will be managed in such a way that they comprise good examples of sustainable development of forest and land, and will show how management of forest properties can vary in terms of focus.
  • Productive forest will be characterised by a long-term approach and will generate high and even yields.
  • Skogssällskapet aims to increase the value of wood production on its holdings.
  • Skogssällskapet will preserve and develop nature and culture values on its own properties, to accord with existing values at stand level and in the surrounding landscape.
  • Skogssällskapet will promote knowledge development on forest management and nature conservation. Its own forest can be used for research, demonstrations and practical experiments. Important target groups are employees, clients and contractors.
  • Skogssällskapet will welcome visitors to its properties within the framework of the Right of Public Access and specific agreements.
  • Skogssällskapet will actively promote recreation and outdoor activities, and encourage more people to spend time in forests.