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Skogssällskapet AB

Skogssällskapet AB is the parent company in the Skogssällskapet Group, and serves as a link between the foundation and the business activities.

The subsidiaries are Skogssällskapet Fastighets AB, Skogssällskapet Förvaltning AB, Skogssällskapet Finland OY and Skogssällskapet Holding SIA (Baltikum). The subsidiaries are responsible for the commercial activities.

The Skogssällskapet Foundation owns all the companies in the Skogssällskapet Group. The requirements that the foundation places on the parent company, Skogssällskapet AB, are the total of all the requirements of each subsidiary.


Skogssällskapet AB conducts no business activities, and the company only has a few employees with roles relating to the entire group. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Skogssällskapet AB is Per-Olof Wedin. The CEO is Calle Nordqvist.