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The Skogssällskapet foundation

Asp. Foto: Ulrika Lagerlöf/Skogssällskapet

Foto: Ulrika Lagerlöf

The Skogssällskapet foundation, set up in 1912, promotes forest management and nature conservation. The foundation owns the companies in the Skogssällskapet Group.

The Skogssällskapet foundation, is a public service organisation that engages in not-for-profit activities, mainly opinion-forming and supporting research and knowledge development. The foundation owns the companies in the Skogssällskapet Group, all of which are run as commercial enterprises. Profits made by the companies are returned to the foundation.

Each year, the foundation invites applications for approximately SEK 15 million of funding for research and development projects, which makes it one of the biggest funders of research and development in Sweden in the fields of forest science and nature conservation.

The Chairman of the Skogssällskapet foundation is Per-Olof Wedin.

Objective – sustainable development

All the activities of the foundation and the Group companies are aimed at helping the foundation attain its objective – sustainable development of forest and land from a financial, ecological social perspective. This will benefit all the people who use, work and live in the forest.


The Skogssällskapet foundation operates in three areas:

  • Commercial management of forest and land. The foundation manages forests for owners in Sweden, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania.
  • Investment of capital (property and securities). The foundation owns 30 forest properties throughout Sweden and, since the early 2000s, has also owned forest properties in Latvia.
  • Knowledge development. The foundation funds research and development, and hosts research on its own properties.


The Skogssällskapet foundation was formed in 1912 as an economic association, but in 1962 it was converted to a public-service foundation. You can read more about the foundation’s development under ‘Our History’. Applicable statutes for the foundation were adopted in 1972.