Master’s theses

At Skogssällskapet, we feel that master’s theses offer a fantastic opportunity for us to acquire more knowledge in an area, while you as student can explore a subject in which the sector is calling for more information and where the knowledge generated will provide benefit.

Skogssällskapet invites three to four students a year to work on their master’s theses together with us.

Your thesis should be in one of the following fields:

  • Forest management
  • Nature conservation
  • Forest economics
  • Property issues
  • Game management
  • Land ownership/ownership rights issues
  • Marketing/client surveys
  • Investigations of public attitudes/position on forestry/conservation

Students carrying out their master’s theses with Skogssällskapet receive reimbursement for direct expenses incurred in the work, mileage reimbursement when using a car, and a bonus that is paid when the thesis has been approved and reported.

More information and registration of interest:

Anna-Karin S. Öjerskog

Anna-Karin S. Öjerskog, Director of Human Resources

Phone: +46 31 335 66 11


Karin Fällman Lillqvist

Karin Fällman Lillqvist, Director of Sustainability

Phone: +46 8 789 89 62