We have been bringing added value to forests and forest owners since 1912. Our experienced advisors can help you – regardless of whether you want to maximise revenues or promote hunting or nature values.

Additional services

We want it to be easy for you to own forest, so most aspects relating to management of a forest property are included in our forest management service. But all forest owners are unique. Depending on your needs and circumstances, we can bring in specialist expertise in various areas where necessary.

In addition to our skilled forest managers, we also have experts in finance, property issues, game management and nature conservation. We customise a solution for you on the basis of your situation and your needs. Here, you can read about our additional services.

Tax returns and tax planning

Forest and taxes are not always simple. It is very valuable if the forest economy can be adapted to your tax situation. Our financial consultants have the expertise to help you with this. We also help you with tax returns, for both income tax and business tax.

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Representation in relation to external party

It can be reassuring to have a professional advisor who can represent you in certain situations when necessary. Examples are representation in relation to the Swedish Forest Agency on matters regarding formal protection, or in connection with moose management areas or private road associations.

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Intergenerational transfer

Depending on your life situation, an intergenerational transfer may be needed during your forest ownership. We have the expertise to help you, to ensure that this transfer runs as smoothly as possible and adapted to your unique situation.

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Estate management

Do you have buildings or an entire farm unit that you want us to manage together with your forest management? If so, we’ll fix it! We take care of tenants, maintenance of buildings, etc.

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Infringement cases

It is not unusual that, sometime during your forest ownership, an infringement will take place. Examples are excavation on your property for installation of cables or construction of a mast. It is easy to feel uncertain and powerless in such situations, but don’t worry! We will represent you and handle the negotiations on your behalf.

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Legal advice

We can provide some types of legal advice.

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Land survey matters

Land survey matters can be tricky. We can be of service in all matters where Lantmäteriet, the Swedish mapping and land registration authority, is involved, such as plot parcelling.

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Forest Strategy Plus

Are you interested in analysing your forestry property in more detail, for example by comparing various scenarios and their respective outcomes? If so, Forest Strategy Plus is a perfect service for you, giving you a clear picture of how various goals steer the forest development in different directions.

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Plot parcelling

On certain properties, it may be of interest to parcel and sell plots. This often offers great financial opportunities. We have the expertise and experience from our own forests to help you through the entire process.

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Tenure management, variable part

It is not easy to keep on top of all the regulations, agreement types and market levels for the different types of tenure associated with forest ownership. We offer professional and commercial management of your tenures. We know all the regulations, practices and the market.

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Knowledge is the key! Our organisation has very great knowledge capital when it comes to sustainable forestry. To a certain extent, we can arrange excursions and training courses in accordance with client wishes.

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Game management

Do your objectives include hunting and natural experience values? We have the expertise and experiences from our own forest that will help you adapt your management to maximise values relating to hunting and natural experiences.

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A forest property must be valued when land is bought or sold, or in cases of infringement, borrowing, or intergenerational transfer. An accurate and professional valuation of the property is vital for making the right decisions and getting the right deal. We have the necessary expertise, and can manage valuations on your behalf.

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