We have been bringing added value to forests and forest owners since 1912. Our experienced advisors can help you – regardless of whether you want to maximise revenues or promote hunting or nature values.

Game management

Are you as interested in hunting and nature conservation as you are in wood production? If so, we can tailor the management to ensure you get maximum yield from your interests, with no financial disruption. We have examples of properties where the value generated by wildlife stocks and hunting is now higher than that from wood production.

Comprehensive solutions for agriculture, forestry and game

In reality, one activity does not prevent the other. By coordinating game management with agriculture and forestry in a common plan, the value can be increased for both game and wood, while also minimising damage to crops.

We tailor the management to your objectives and goals, and ensure that all activities are carried out accordingly, in a cost-effective way.

Examples are considering game in all forestry activities, creating and managing wetlands and fields with game in mind, using game management plans, cloven-hoofed game management, specific measures to counteract wild boar problems, fish conservation, hunting and fishing leasing agreements, and contact with public agencies.

Nature conservation and game management go hand in hand

Conservation-adapted management goes hand in hand with game management, and we see opportunities from both perspectives. Coordinated measures over large areas bring many advantages, where both conservation benefits and game fodder are maximised. Creating a wetland is a measure that benefits both conservation and game animals. We can give suggestions about grants for which you may be entitled.

Use our services for advice, project management, or a full-service contract. Regardless of the scale you choose, we ensure optimisation of your game stocks, less wildlife damage, better and more efficient hunting, a more attractive landscape, and increased experience values.

Benefits of our management services

  • Rapid increase in value for the property
  • Less concentrated grazing and browsing pressure
  • Increased revenues from leases
  • Increased experience value