We have been bringing added value to forests and forest owners since 1912. Our experienced advisors can help you – regardless of whether you want to maximise revenues or promote hunting or nature values.


We tailor silviculture activities to your forest, and then ensure that the work is carried out by our skilled contractors.

It is your objectives and goals that determine how the forest is to be worked – and how much is to be felled. We do not represent an industry that requires raw materials from your forest. This is why we are serious when we say that we manage your forest entirely according to your objectives and goals, and not based on industrial needs for raw materials.

Contractor converts goals into action

In the forest, we use the best contractors, who know how to convert the owner’s goals into practical silviculture. We constantly ensure that our contractors are using the latest and most efficient equipment, both machinery and other digital tools.

By funding research, we constantly ensure that new knowledge about forestry is generated and disseminated, which benefits both our staff, our contractors, and you as forest owner.

Benefits of using our management service

  • High-quality contractors, skilled at converting goals into practice.
  • Long-term relationships with our contractors mean that they get to know your property and your objectives and goals.