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Skogssallskapet SIA

Your independent forestry and business partner

SIA “Skogssallskapet” is a very professional and one of the largest private land-management companies in Latvia. SIA “Skogssallskapet” is owned by the Latvian company SIA “Skogssallskapet Holding”, which in turn, is owned by the Swedish company “Skogssallskapet AB” and operates in the interests of the “Skogssällskapet” foundation, with the overall objective of contributing to sustainable land and forest management.

We offer all services a professional forest owner needs. Everything from brokerage services to forest management, wood sales and administration of our clients companies, including bookkeeping and declarations.

It is easy to own forest land when it is managed by Skogssallskapet!


For us every customer is unique

Our customers have different objectives: some want to maximize their returns, save for their retirement or raise the market value of their property, while others want their forest to help mitigate climate change. Some want natural forests, while others want better hunting grounds or a beautiful natural experience for visitors. And many want a bit of everything!