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Our Services

Your Forest - Your objectives!


Active search of land

Since Skogssällskapet started its operations in the Baltic States, brokerage services has been an important part of our day-to-day business. Finding land for our clients lays in our interest.

We actively look for land on our client behalf, valuates, gives investment advice and assists in the acquisition process. The investment advice and evaluation services we offer is down to individual property level.

For existing clients, additional land purchases for aggregation and to get scale are important. The clients who have indicated an interest to add land to their portfolios are offered land when it is for sale in close proximity to their existing properties.

We keep a database of properties that are in the market. This gives us a good track record of market trends and prices.


We help you to sell your land

Since we have been around the land market in the Baltic States for a while, we have seen that well managed properties, with well-prepared maps and forest data presented in a prospect with high quality adds value and earns the investment in preparations well and beyond. We offer brokerage services for everything from small properties to large packages.




Sell your forest land to us

We are a serious buyer of your forest land

By selling your land to us we will ensure you get:

  • a fair valuation of your land
  • an easy and secure transaction
  • assistance with various paper work upon request