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We do everything for your forest!

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Skogssällskapet UAB render all services needed in connection to owning forest land in Lithuania. Everything from establishing land owning companies, brokerage, forest management and administration of our client´s companies, including bookkeeping and declaration services.

In general our business is about:

  • Forest land management
  • Buying and selling forest land
  • Lease out and administration of agriculture land
  • Wood sales
  • Administration of our client´s companies

Our Services

Your Forest - Your objectives!

Our Forest Managment model

The forest management year

The forestry we conduct aims to create a good return for the owner and to add value to the property. We deliver an active management of your forest with a long perspective of the forest land. 


Our Forest Management Model

1. Inventory/updating field data

We make sure you get updated about the status of your forest land with a new inventory if necessary and what opportunities the land holds. We also update the forest management plan before each new year.

2. Analysis and objective definition

We help you to formulate a forest management strategy matching your own objectives of owning forest land.

3. Annual budget

We provide you with our suggestion of coming activities needed in order to reach your objectives. The budget gives you control over incomes and needed investments in the property.

4. Decision and planning of activities

You decided what will be made on your property, we provide the support you need.

5. Implementation of planned activities

We make sure planned activities get done and also delivers other services on demand. Everything is coordinated with the annual budget.

6. Follow-up of the past year´s activities

We presents and evaluate the year´s result - both from an economical and quality perspective.