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Skogssällskapet in the Baltics

“Skogssallskapet” is one of the largest private land-management companies in the Baltics.


Skogsallskapet operates in Latvia and Lithuania. We provide all the services you need to own and manage your forest holdings – always with a holistic approach to maximize key values for you. We can help you increase your returns and develop your forest business.

Skogssallskapet currently manages approximately 50,000 hectares in the Baltic States, with sizes varying from 20 to 16,000 ha. We provide services to private owners, companies, institutions, foundations, and municipalities by helping them to manage their forest capital.

Our business in the Baltic countries started with the Latvian branch in 2002.

We have offices in Riga, Cesis and Ludza in Latvia aswells as an office in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Since our business covers the whole Baltic geography we can customize an investment in Baltic forest land and/or management of the forest after your own specifications.

All forest business are managed within the same IT-system and integrates GIS, maps, forest inventory data, forest management planning, work orders management, follow-up and reports. This ensures a sustainable high quality service to you as a client.

Two countries - one single point of contact

If you have business on one of the Baltic countries you will get a designated local forest manager who will take care of your forest land.

If you have forests in more than two or in all three Baltic countries you will be assigned one and the same contact person managing all your forest businesses.

It is easy to be a client of ours!