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Riberhus, 603 ha in Eastern Latvia

Large portfolio with all units in one and the same parish

Large, well consolidated property in one and the same parish. Total area of 603 ha in Eastern Latvia. Growing stock of 35 183 m3 standing volume. Legal entities are able to buy.


Property name "Riberhus" in Latvia. Forest property. Share deal - orientation forest and agriculture.

Forest property, 603 ha in Latvia

RIBERHUS is a Latvian land portfolio, totaling 603,4 ha, distributed on 250,4 ha productive forest land, 147,9 ha agriculture land, 100,5 ha other land, 82,0 ha of unproductive land and 22,6 ha of glades. The growing stock is 35 183 m3 standing volume according to the forest inventory. The properties are situated in the Eastern part of Latvia. The properties are well aggregated and offers good possibilities to develop a viable use of the forest- and agriculture land with great future potential.

The agriculture land on Riberhus is leased out. In 2017, 147,9 ha of agriculture land is leased out, generating an annual cash flow.

The transaction will be made through a share deal, transferring 100% of the shares in the Latvian holding company. This means that legal entities as well as private persons can purchase the landowning companies without interference with acquisition permissions or other equivalent permissions. 

The prospect is avaliable for download to the right.

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