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New organization in Skogssällskapet Baltics

During the spring of 2018 the management of Skogssällskapet Baltics made an extensive review of of the organization which has resulted in an action plan. The planned changes are already started and are planned to be fully launched until the beginning of October 2018. The purpose have been to reduce costs and adopt the organization to a new way to work.

Skogssällskapet OÜ goes from a staff of four to one by keeping one forest manager and outsourcing accounting services.

Skogssällskapet´s Baltic HQ moves from Riga to Cesis on September 1 2018.

Our accountants Sanda and Sanita will source their service to Skogssällskapet SIA through their own new company and our accountant and current office manager Dace will continue in her current position, but from our Cesis office instead of from Riga.

The office in Ludza will from the May 2019 be under the Cesis office management and the current district manager Janis in Cesis will from January 1 2019 take over responsibility all operational forest management activities and all forest managers in Latvia. Janis will thereby work more with supervisory tasks and act like a team leader for all forest managers.

Iveta will continue as forestry manager responsible for quality, certification, GIS systems, forestry, communication with authorities and budgets as well as with strategic work for “key-clients”.

Skogssällskapet´s business in Lithuania experience a strong growth and to be able to render both acquisition- and forest management service, two new forest managers have been employed. They started in July 2018 and we thereby welcome Gediminas and Migle to the team and as well as we have also moved to a slightly larger office in the same building as before.

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