Mikko Söderling new CEO of Skogssällskapet Finland

Finsk björkskog. Foto: iStock

Foto: iStock

On 2 May, Mikko Söderling takes over the reins as new CEO for Skogssällskapet’s Finnish operation, Tilanhoitajat. The mission is to continue to develop Tilanhoitajat into Finland’s leading independent forest management company.

Forest scientist Mikko Söderling is the new CEO for the Finnish organisation. Tilanhoitajat was founded in 2013 and, since then, the organisation has grown steadily and established itself as a long-term and independent partner for an increasing number of forest owners in Finland. In 2015, Skogssällskapet became part-owner, and since the summer of 2019, the company has been completely owned by Skogssällskapet. Today, Tilanhoitajat conducts operations in much of Finland, and is part of the Skogssällskapet Group in Sweden, Finland, and Latvia.

Mikko Söderling has over 20 years’ experience in the forest sector. Before joining Tilanhoitajat, Mikko was managing director of Uittokalusto OY, a company selling forest work materials. During his years at Uittokalusto OY he developed the company and generated strong growth.

“We’re very pleased that Mikko is joining us at Skogssällskapet Finland. He has the necessary experience of being a managing director in a growing company. Tilanhoitajat’s objective is to develop into Finland’s leading forest management company,” explains Calle Nordqvist, CEO and Managing Director of Skogssällskapet.

“I’m really looking forward to becoming part of Skogssällskapet’s Finnish team. It will be exciting to develop our forest management in a company that has both old traditions and a modern business mentality,” says Mikko Söderling.

Mikko Söderling takes up his position as CEO for Skogssällskapet’s Finnish operation, Tilanhoitajat OY, on 2 May 2022.

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Calle Nordqvist, CEO and Managing Director of Skogssällskapet

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