Forest management and development of forest assets

When we manage your forest, we help you develop your forest property to ensure that it reaches its full potential. We take care of everything concerning your forest ownership, so your ownership is free from worries. We bring added value to forests and forest owners!

Forest Strategy

Is our forestry sustainable? What will our forest be like when we exit or the children take over? How much money can I get from the forest annually or when I retire? These are just some of the questions we know that forest owners ask, and we have the answer: the Forest Strategy.


We tailor silviculture activities to your forest, and then ensure that the work is carried out by our skilled contractors.

Wood sales

At Skogssällskapet we have no ownership ties to sawmills and forest industries. Because of our independence, we can act in your best interests in terms of price, timing of a sale, and type of felling.


One of our most important management tools is your budget. The budget is a business plan that we draw up together for the next year or years, and is the document that steers our management.

Game management

Are you as interested in hunting and nature conservation as you are in wood production? If so, we can tailor the management to ensure you get maximum yield from your interests, with no financial disruption. We have examples of properties where the value generated by wildlife stocks and hunting is now higher than that from wood production.

Tenures & leases

On matters concerning tenures and leases, it can be worth bringing in a third party. For example, you may not have time, you may not be aware of all the laws, regulations and practices, and because a third party like us can act in an objective and purely commercial way, without needing to consider any friendship ties.

Renewable energy – wind and solar

We are a proactive partner in finding possibilities in the field of renewable energy. Partnership and rental agreements with different actors on the market.

Nature conservation and restoration

Nature is constantly changing, and strengthening or preserving valuable natural environments often requires some sort of activity, such as a conservation measures and restauration. We are specialists in this field too.


Forestry certification is a voluntary undertaking that helps to increase nature values, and is becoming an increasingly important requirement when selling wood. As a full-service client with Skogssällskapet, we can help you through the entire process, from analysis to follow up.

Accounting and bookkeeping

As a full-service client, your bookkeeping is integrated with other services. This means that your bookkeeping is linked to a budget and a business plan, and all financial transactions are recorded automatically. The result is that your bookkeeping and accounts run smoothly, completely without friction. This saves you time, work and money.

Tax returns and tax planning

Tax legislation is an area that is constantly changing and, for a layman, keeping up to date is a tricky business.

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Did you know that...

... Skogssällskapet is a foundation that works for sustainable forest management and nature conservation?

... every year, we allocate our profits to research and knowledge development? Today, we are one of the biggest funders of research and development in Sweden in the fields of forests and nature conservation.